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Friday, June 18, 2010

I was getting my info ready for this afternoon. I'll need to get to Dr. Miller's office early so I can fill out paper work. I hate that shit. I wish we could just carry a little device under the skin so when we go to a hospital or doctors office they could just scan us to see who we are, what meds we are taking, etc... Just the basic information they would need. And it could be updated when we are finished with them before we leave. It would save paper and guessing when we had surgeries, meds ...all that shit. I am tired of carrying around a little book with it all in there. Makes me want to scream.

I am so hoping that I can get the Facet Injections started by Monday morning. I want this all to be over so I can go back to work. I know... there is the chance it may not work. But I think it will. My mind is screaming in the back ground, "This better work bitch, or your ass is going under the knife!" Well wish me luck cause I'm fucked no matter what happens.

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