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Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey Everybody. I hope you had a great weekend. I certainly did.  First off, I want to share these 2 videos I found on You over the weekend. I nearly died laughing my ass off at these two brothers Phil and Lee Edmonds. They also have their own site on You Tube. They are hilarious. First one is the Turkey Hunt and the other is Turkey Rap . These guys are really good. David almost fell out of his chair watching these videos on Sunday. Just check em out.

I just got a call from the Central Texas Pain Center. They are scheduling me for my first appointment with Dr Miller at 2 PM  on this Friday. WOOOOOOOOT !!!!  For all you that don't know or understand whats going on  ... let me splain it to you LUCY.

About  3 years ago I started having debilitating back pain. I've had the cocktail shots in the ass where the sciatic pain was for over the past 10 years before that. I found out just recently last year that I have arthritis and pinched nerves due to Degenerative Disc Syndrome in L3, L4, L5 and S1.  That's like nearly in the crack of my ass. I have gone through the gamut of tests and possible cures for the pain. There is no cure for the syndrome itself as well as the arthritis in my back. I have endured all this shit including the pain for the last part of my lifetime. Goddess only knows how many times I just wanted to take all the pain pills all at once and leave this body. But I know I am stronger then that and can get through this. Just this past fall I went through the delightful series of 3 wonderful Lumbar Injections into my spinal area. The doctor even hit the fucking nerve that almost made me stand up and do the Irish Jig on the surgical table. YES, you are awake during the whole fucking thing. That episode alone was just enough to want me to slap the silly fucking shit out of anyone who would ever THINK of touching my spine for the next millennium! It did do one thing good for me, it got rid of the nasty spasms running down and up both legs. But now, lets just say the Davocet only takes the edge off. And I'm fucking pissed because I have no relief, and lack of sleep is taking it's toll on me. Sorry for the rant. Well now my Orthopedic doctor wants me to go through almost the same thing again at the same surgical clinic with a new series of 3 Facet Injections (this site has the best info on it)and also burn the nerves if possible.  A friend told me her brother-in-law went through this and he was good for about a year, which is the standard time frame according to the Mayfield site. I just hope it works because being out of work sucks the big one, but being out of pain would rock my world !!  This is the absolute last chance before surgery, and I sure as hell don't want to have titanium rods clinking around in my fat ass.
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