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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Whole Week of Bling: Fourth Item...

OOOoooohhhh my darling minions. I found something that just might be the next Bling Thing out there. I came upon this over the weekend and I almost forgot to mention this for Bling Week. OMG!!! THIS IS WAY TOO COOL!!!!   I found a site that sells Hair Bling. If you are interested go check out the Hair Flairs site. The prices are not too bad considering I looked around and this is the best. This bling can be washed and blow dried and even heated by hot curling wands. It practically stands up to an atomic explosion,,,well maybe not. But it will look good during a Zombie attack. I also have a video on how easy this is to attach to your own hair.  Check this video out. Enjoy!

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  1. One of my friends got these a few weeks ago. She pointed them out when some of us thought she had tinsel caught in her hair. :P I guess that's what happens when you only have two in there. A whole head of them would be sweet!


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