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Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally He Went to Work

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!
WOW!!!  That felt like the restaurant scene from "When Harry Met Sally" for a moment there.
Anywho, David went to work and I'm dancing my happy little dance here. Now I can do stuff around the house without him bugging me so much.

Now some of you are saying out there that I will miss him if he dies. But believe me when I say this, I love my sweetie very much ... it's just that he drives me bat shit crazy when he's home like this for the holidays.

The bad thing is that I'll have to endure two more whole weeks of him being off when December 20th comes up. A whole two more freaking WEEKS my minions !!! He won't be going back until next year.  Maybe I should get to the liquor store early to stock up.
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