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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mouse In The House

I need a Cat. These puppies are worthless when it comes to catching mice. I know, dogs can sniff out the occasional mouse but otherwise they are about as useful as tits on a bull.

Yesterday I was walking into the kitchen to start dinner and thought I saw a little gray thing streak across the floor from the refrigerator to the stove. I stepped back a moment cause it scared me that something else besides me was in there.

I grabbed the phone and called David (why is it that we always call the man for help) to ask where he put the mouse trap. He said he would take care of it when he got home. Great. So now I have to make dinner with a mouse running in my kitchen.

Don't even think about calling the dogs in for help. They have squirrels on their minds. Trying to save the pecan population from thieving squirrels is their main goal in life. So in between cooking this and that I was looking for the traps.      

David came home and low and behold he found what I was looking for. The trap was on the mail and key holder on the wall which we don't ever use cause everything gets thrown on the island in the kitchen. So after dinner I set the trap for the little bugger where the dogs won't get him when it snaps.

I waited patiently all evening long ,,, no snap. I checked on the trap after my shower before bed time and locking up the house and no mouse was caught. I laid awake most of the night. The light sound of the snap never came. I looked this morning, no mouse.I might be a basket case before the day is over if that mouse doesn't meet his demise.          

What the hell could he be living on?

All the food is in plastic containers. Ever since the last mouse got into the house from our renovations. I have put everything into plastic containers. Even the boxes of cake mixes are inside a container. They love me at The Container Store.

So I wait with bated breath for that little snap. Then I will laugh devilishly and say "gotcha."
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