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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ramblings For a Friday

It's been a crazy week my minions. First off I started my first ever giveaway on Monday. Yea!!!  I know!!  I tried not to post anything during this week so everyone could see it when they come in.

Yes, stupid me. I know. Why the shit didn't I just set up a small banner for everyone to see on my side panel and they could enter by clicking on it.  Well duh ... I blame it on my freaking meds. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So neener neener :P

I went to see a Rheumatologist  yesterday afternoon. I want to have his kids!!! Damn he was fine!. *wiping my slobbering mouth* Ok, I'm back to normal, what ever that is now days. SHIT!!! THAT MAN WAS FINE!!!      OUT!!!   OUT !!!!   DEMON!!!

Ok, anywho, He said we are going to try to rule out Lupus but he thinks my problem with all the pain and tiredness is Fibromyalgia.  So that means like I had to give up a pint and a half of blood to the Lupus testing and all the other junk he wants to rule out.  Hmmm, maybe that's why I'm so damned light headed today. I'm still recovering from the Vamp draw.

He changed my prescription and now I'm taking something to help me sleep. He also upped the anti on my Cymbalta to 60mg which seems a bit better. But we will see how long that lasts.

Does anyone in the med field know what  Amitrptyline 25 mg is?  It's a freaking antidepressant with massive side effects. One of them is drowsiness. The other is heart attack and/or stroke!!  I am taking that to help with my sleeping problems. The doctor said it will make me drowsy enough for my body to take over the sleeping part. Shit, I may not even wake up. WTF!!!  

Stuff didn't work last night. Oh It started out fine by knocking out my lights but I kept getting up with pain It was still potent enough to knock out my lights after turning over and rasslin with the blankets ( Yes, I sleep with a blanket or two. Even if it's only 75 degrees in the house... WTF  I'M STILL COLD!!!). 

This morning it was raining when I finally got up. That was around 10:30am. It is taking me 3 hours to write this shit cause I feel hung over like I was at a party and don't remember a thing about it.  Don't you hate when that happens? I sure do.  At least there was no stranger in my bed. I really don't like the hung over part though. That's how I feel right now. Hung over, and I feel like a gray mouse took refuge in my mouth and slept there all night long. EEEEEEWWWWW!!!


  1. so sorry about the fibro, I was diagnosed with it about 15 years ago or so. No FUN

    Elavil (amitryptiline) didn't work for me, I gained weight and felt drugged all the time. Cymbalta didn't work either. Have been on Lyrica for several years now, not the best, but it is something. Also use baclofen for the muscle spasms.

    Best of luck, if you ever need to chat about it, I am available. I am also an RN and have a lot of drug books if you ever need something looked up.

    When the docs finally came up with a diagnosis, I was told; good news is you won't die from it, bad news is, somedays you will feel like you are.


  2. Now see there....I understood every drug hangover word of it because yes ma'am, been there done that. Sleep, I don't get no stinkin' sleep. I just have interludes of laying down interrupted by wakefulness and having to pee. Life is more fun that I can say inspite of all the drug junk and pain. I'm sorry you're having a bout of ugly stuff. The Olde Bagg

  3. Oh, fibro is horrible! But it's the first thing I thought of when you were talking about your body hurting all of the time. I have a dear friend who suffers from it. :(

    Aside from that, though, the pic of House cracks me up. I made my sis-in-law a t-shirt with that picture of him on it that said "It's NOT Lupus." LOL And it never is!

    I hope that you and your doctors will find the best way possible to keep you in the least amount of pain. *hugs* ~Gypsy

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the drugs supposed to make you feel better instead of worse? o_O

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this... blech.

    I just finished my pharmacology class & can't believe all the side effects drugs can have that seem worse that whatever they're being taken to treat. Seriously, WTF???

    And like our favorite doc says... IT'S NEVER LUPUS.

    (Except for that one time it actually *was*)


  5. Dear Sis, Hope the meds work out for ya. I'm dieing to know because Aaron has pains in his legs and back from Diabetic Neuropathy and he only gets about 3 hours of sleep a night if he's lucky. Re: the blankets and 75 deg. temp - I think it's a family thing as I sleep with twice as many at 80. I think I need to move to a Southern climate - like Florida! J

  6. Hope they find a combo that works for you. I also have Fibro and Diabetic Neuropathy, I take both Cymbalta and Lyrica and it helps some, some days I also have to add Oxycodone to the mix. I was prescribe Nortriptylene once and it gave me nightmares so the doc told me to never take any of the Triptylene drugs. Good Luck.

  7. I stopped taking meds for my fybromyalga years ago!!! It wasn't worth all the side effects, but I did go out and buy a "select comfort" bed, one of thoes air beds!!! FANTASTIC!!! I still wake up at night, but the pain is not there. I just got in the habit of waking up. well worth the money to get rid of the pain... WITHOUT meds!!!


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