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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weird Rants

I was checking my stats this morning, do you know that 55% of my viewers use Firefox and 35% still use Internet Exploder? Wild, huh? Then there are the weird things they put in for the Word Searches. What the shit is a  "boo monstres"??? I mean some of the stuff I see on my stats make me laugh harder than what I see in the blogs I read.

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Now on to the cold stuff.  Who the hell left the door to Canada opened!??  I really want to know!  It's colder than a Witc.....  nope not that .... well diggers ass is what I meant. I mean to tell you the puppies won't go outside unless I drag them out with me. That means I have to don a coat and 2 pairs of gloves and wool hat and my mukluks just to go outside.  Then I have to lie to them by grabbing my car keys and sweetly say "let's go for a ride." And it's only 46 outside. I really suffer from the cold in my middle age.

I have to say Thank You to those who will be attending my funeral possibly this weekend. Yes, the Tablet ,,,  read this weeks posts to catch up, I'll wait ... will be here by Friday and if not, with my luck maybe on Saturday when David will be home. Damned Fed-Ex, Can't you take the Saturday off like UPS??? Would it kill you to be off just one freaking day?

Sidetracked there. Oh yes. BlakkDuchess will deliver my eulogy and make sure I have something to do in the afterlife besides twiddling my thumbs. She has graciously offered to make sure that the Tablet is buried with me. Someone please keep tabs on her and make sure I get that tablet in my casket. On another side note, would someone make sure David has yellow roses for me at the funeral. You know, being Texas and all.

For Linda. I know what you mean about the Meniere's. I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis three years ago. It's very similar with the vertigo and the nystagmus symptoms. One thing about Labyrinthitis is that it starts with a blinding ear ache in my left ear and then the tinnitus starts and then I have dizzy spells for about 20 to 24 hours after it all starts. Then it goes away. And it's like it never happened.

It started about yesterday morning around 7AM until this morning. I am fine now until my next episode. They usually come on with stress. Ugh!!! When have I never had stress in my life ahahahahaa. So that is one of the many plagues in my life, my dear friend. I have learned to live with it, that and the Fibro.

To all my other dear sweet minions. Your comments do not go unnoticed. I read them when I can and have to laugh at all the funny remarks. Y'all are entertaining as hell!!


  1. 46! Sweet! Sign me up! Up here in the freezing arctic it's been in the teens. What's today... yup, as I expected. 13 degrees. Oh 40 degree range, how I miss you. But I agree with you anyway. When I lived in Texas and I saw it getting below 50 I'd freak out and ask my mom if it was going to snow. :P

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on at my site. I thought you would like the prize. :)

  2. Fear not! If something should happen & you are buried without the magical tablet, I will personally dig you up, hand you the tablet & re-bury you. Unless you've turned into a zombie... That's a whole 'nother thing, that... o_O

  3. You are one of the most entertaining people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter!

    I truly hope you can keep your fibro under control and keep living each day to the fullest.

  4. I freak out when my husband announces he's coming home early. I have to track the mail lady down and beg for her to give me the packages, but deliver the mail to the house. She doesn't usually give me a hard time, but I could be divorced otherwise.

    I agree with the Fed-Ex issue, my heart races and I go into a panic when I see "expect delivery, Saturday..."


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