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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Funny

Year to date statistics on Airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security

        Terrorist Plots Discovered                      0

        Transvestites                                    133

        Hernias                                          1,485

        Hemorrhoid Cases                          3,172

        Enlarged Prostates                         8,249

        Breast Implants                            59,350

        Natural Blonds                                     3

I had to post this after David left for work. It was too funny not to.


  1. tee hee hee! I'm so glad I don't fly, because the thought of those asshats seeing my bits and pieces makes me wanna curl up in a corner and rock.

  2. Now that made me laugh out loud! Hilarious.

  3. *g*

    (I *am* a natural blond, and most of my body hair is pretty much black... ^^)

    (And now that I got that disturbing image into your head, I can leave. My work is done.)


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