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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Note To Let You Know I'm Okay

Back in the world of the living again. I had a really bad Fibro attack. Yeppers, I wanted to gnaw off various limbs of my body but I held off of that. So I am back to torment you all without a remorseful bone in my body.

I would have been on earlier but we had a squirrelacide in the neighborhood this morning. Stupid little buggers were chasing each other up and down the power poles and one of them wasn't careful. *ZAP* And then a loud bang. Yep, he blew the power out. We get these like 3 or 4 times a year. At least the electric company knows what you mean when you say there's been a squirrelacide.

While I was stuck in bed David took it upon himself to try to give the puppies a bath on Sunday. I found out because 2 little fuzzy children scampered onto the bed I was lying in and took up refuge between my left arm and my left side. Both of them were shaking uncontrollably and they had this very scared look on their faces like "mama don't let daddy drown us, please. We'll give you all our toys if you'll hide us."
Sorry but I had to give them up. David was very right in giving them baths. They was stanky little dogs. But they turned out very sweet and soft when they dried off. Just like babies, David fed them right after their bath and they fell asleep the rest of the evening. Happens every time.

I love this cold weather. It's my body that has a bitch with it. Right now I'm wearing my baby blue sweats with my hair in a ponytail and my killer rabbit slippers. They're bunny slippers with bloody fangs. So I'm fairly warm and toasty. I took 2 Tramadol a while ago and I'm feeling no pain right now except in my left hip. But that's normal. I just wanted to let you know, my dear minions, that I am fine as frog hair split four ways and I am going to crash out for a while.
Love you all very much.


  1. Are you sure the squirrelacide wasn't a hallucination from your meds ; )

    Take it easy girlie and send your husband over here to wash my nasty boxers. I have to suit up in my bathing suit and wash their big asses in the shower. Oy.

  2. Same here. We throw them in the shower on cold days and outside on warm days we wash them on the table with the hose. Spunky loves to attack the hose. If we aren't watching him he will take off with it into the yard and then we end up getting squirted by him.

  3. Glad to hear you're okay.

    I must know where to get my own pair of killer bunny slippers!


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