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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Ain't Dyin Yet.

Shit girlfriends! I'm not dyin! Well not yet anyways. But even if I was you still ain't in my will.  But thanks for the well wishes. My appointment is on the 18th which is Friday this week at 1pm. They want me to fill out a shit load of papers before I go in. I hate when that happens. Why can't we just wear a bracelet that gets updated with information every time we see a doctor. Filling out papers all morning is not my idea of fun. How the hell do they expect me to remember all the crap that has happened to me anyways.

What really gets me ticked is the fact that they want me there at 1pm to get labs done. I don't see Dr. D until 1:50. She isn't happy with the results from the other lab. Plus she has ordered extensive testing so that probably means I'll have to fork over bogus amounts of blood Bwahahahahahaa.

David is taking off that day just because he wants a day off no dought. But I'm glad he will be there just incase they want to take more copious amounts of blood. Better than calling him in a drunken state asking him to come get my fat ass and then passing out before I tell him where the shit I am ahahahahaaaa. This way I can pass out in the car and sleep all the way home.

Speaking of cars, not to change the subject and all, but don't you just hate those ass wipes that drive like they are in a hurry and while they are doing that they are bitching and waving their arms at all the other drivers that are courteous to other drivers by letting them into the traffic line for the light, etc.

Case in point. I was in back of this asshole in a  Beige Kia. We were at a light and the car in front of him let another car into the line. The Kia guy started bitching and waving his arms and shit. I mean to tell you the car was actually rocking from side to side from his ranting. I turned down my stereo and I could hear him. So the light changed and traffic was moving slowly but we were moving and the Kia was still rocking from side to side with rants. Finally the Kia guy gets around them and honks and throws a bird.

Well I guess Karma is a bitch for some cause we were still moving slowly but surely and we rounded the corner of the wide turn and guess who we saw there. Kia guy,and he had rear ended a pickup. Nice pickup too. Looked like a new one. The Kia had the whole front end all the way up to the windshield under the Dodge Ram Hemi pickup. Kia guy was fine but pissed .He was bitching at Ram Hemi pickup guy. I think he should be a little bit nicer cause Ram Hemi guy was a tall Texan lookin dude, with hat and boots mind you and he was smiling. He could have pummeled Kia dude into a bloody pulp with one hit. As we passed, the guy who was letting people into our line honked and I did too. We both smiled and waved. Yep Karma also has a sense of humor too. She's a hoot.


  1. Don't all the blood tests ever make you wonder if hospitals are secretly maintaining the world's vampire population? Totally possible. :p

  2. Oh girl, I'll bet you feel like a pin cushion!

  3. Found your journal via a friend. Posted the flying monkey costumes from flickr to my journal and she know she has a blog. Yay! Wishing strength for test day.

  4. ahahahahaa Blue Faerie, I used to work in one of those hospital labs at night so you are reading from the Queen Vamp herself. Bwaahahahahahahaaa!!!
    And hell yes I do feel like a freaking pin cushion. Guess the needle is now turned on me for once. Ooooooo Karma is at it again ahahahahhaa!

  5. Karma is to see the bad guy hit the dust, but not get hurt...don't want to wish hurt on anyone...


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