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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Odoriferous Males

Ahhhh what a glorious day. Skies are grey with a slight breeze and it's 78 right now. Nothing can be better than this. It's perfect "go sit out on the porch" weather. Which is what I have to do If I want to live.

Yup, Spunky, the only male Boston is farting like an old man at a garlic festival. He's very subtle about it too. He walks under my desk and nails a fat stinky then walks off like he's saying "kiss for ya mom." But that's not all. then he goes over to the girls, Lucy and Pebbles, and stands in front of them while they're sleeping and unloads another big juicy right there. Pebbles just digs her face into the blankets and Lucy walks off while giving him an ugly look. It doesn't bother him. He thinks his farts are fairly decent. In fact he has a great big smile on his chops signifying that he's more than happy about it.

The thing here is he is doing what all males do to us. They fart then leave and we endure the almighty stink. When I was younger my brother and I would play stink wars but he always won. Now David and Spunky do it to me. It must be a male only thing to be able to pass gas and never run out of it. One good thing out of this is Spunky and the girls have no fleas. The stink probably keeps them away.

So I sit out on the porch on this beautiful day, while all the candles I lit in the house are trying their level best to get rid of the stink. I might think about looking up a anti-evil spirit funk possession spell in my Book of Shadows.  I don't want to get rid of Spunky, just the funk that possess him.
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