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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

C-PAP Songs You Know And Love Brought To You By ...

The C-PAP. Do y'all know what it is? Google it, I'll wait.
Mmmkay. David has to wear the medium sized face mask kind because he hates the nasal one. Our insurance pays 100% on this so we aren't to choosy. They send him all the supplys he needs for it free of cost. Which is really nice.

Since I sometimes have insomnia issues, I have begun to entertain myself with the strange noises David makes at night. Mainly what sounds like he is either singing with the thing on or talking in his sleep. Now mind you, the C-PAP when worn over the mouth and nose uses negative air force to keep the mouth shut so you don't snore. So, if you are a sleep talker it sounds like you are Hawaiian nose humming.

It's hilarious as shit at night. I will be lying there next to him while he sleeps and all of a sudden it's American Idol tryouts. It really sounds like he's singing, well, I mean humming in his sleep. So I'll try to sing along with him. It's hard when you don't know the tune.

Other nights it's like sleeping with a bag piper. The mask will move out of place when he turns on his side and it will leak and cause a constant sound. Something like a bag piper playing. I usually sing Amazing Grace those nights. Then there is the driving the race car night. He sounds like he's changing gears while driving a formula-one car around the track.

I know,I know, Leeanna you're fucking weirder than shit. But hey, a girl has to have something to do during the night to keep out of trouble.


  1. If I had to listen to that all night, The Husband would have his own room. You and David are so in love : )

  2. Yes we are. I love him to bits. It will be 9 years this Sept 7th

  3. Too funny - my husband wears one as well. I know exactly what you mean! Some of the sounds that come out of that thing are hilarious

  4. I totally give you kudos... I'd NEVER get any sleep if Britt had to wear one... @_@

    And who knew that your insurance would provide free entertainment??? XD



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