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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Troll In The Cosmos

Yes, my dear minions, we have a douche bag troll (kill it, kill it with fire) in our end of the Cosmos. IT has been leaving SPAM on some of the blogs that are run by women. This morning my blog was hit and Dark Mother had it out with IT. So in order to try to get rid of IT go to IT's blog and report IT for Spam. Just tap on the Report Abuse Tag on the top left of the blog title and report him for spam. Hopefully blogger will take care of IT. His blog is


  1. A pox on their houses...all of them. I despise trolls and virus hackers. Glad you got this one.

  2. I am utterly convinced you peaked through his window and got his picture : )

    Unite as one women!

  3. Better watch out or he might sue you for copyright infringement- wouldn't want anyone else stealing his style, lol.
    Oh and I nominated you for an award over at my Witchy Thrifting blog, lol.

  4. Okay, I was going to say "Ignoring the Internet troll away!", but then I saw the Baby Jackalope picture and now I just want to go "Aaaawwwwwww!!!!" for a good hour. Damn it, you know how to distract a person. :P

  5. I'm using this picture in my blogpost today. Gonna link back to you. Hope it's ok, if not email me and I'll take it down.

    Luvs and hugs.


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