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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maxin And Relaxin

I have done nothing all day yesterday and today, well except for the dancing around the house, yeah done nothing. Yeah I'm bored and I miss him, so what.

I did clean house a bit and do laundry cause David is taking me to dinner on Sunday. I hope he takes me to Saltgrass. That's my favorite place.

Redneck  wine glasses

elite Redneck  champagne glasses 4oz.
This morning I was bored so I decided to cruise the web and look for crazy shit. I found this. They are Redneck wine glasses. I loved them so much that I ordered a set of six. I also found the champagne glasses too. David better hurry and come back home before I buy up the whole web. You can find them on  Goddess, I love shopping there.


  1. Yay for dancing round the house.

    I love the redneck wine glasses. Have fun with David on Saturday!

  2. these are soooooo easy to make!!! maybe 2 bucks worth of materials.. you just need the mason jar.. a candle stick..I bought mine at The Dollar Tree for a buck .. and Liquid nails... too easy

  3. I so heart my own private idaho for sending me here.

    I dig your design, I'm all about some crazy, I'm down with witchy women, and hell yes legalize it.

    But really, you had me at the wine glasses.

  4. visiting via private idaho, following now. you already had me at "get this fucking house off me." i like a girl who can cuss is alls i can say.


  5. Yay for dancing around the house!!! =D

    I'm sorry to hear that you miss your sweety... but he'll be home soon! ^-^

    Until then, search for a good redneck alcoholic drink to mix up & drink outta those kick-ass glasses of yours...


  6. So, Idahomie Brandon knows his kick ass blogger bitches!!! Lovin' your blog! Fucking hilarious shit here...following and looking forward to experiencing the madness!!! Love those wine glasses - that right thar is fancy shit.

  7. Thanks for the comps everybody. Welcome to the nuthouse, all you newbees. Enjoy the reads. It's mostly what comes out of the crazy mind when allowed back into society. BWAAAhahahahahahaaahahaaaa!!!

  8. I love those glasses! My Sortilege would be excellent in them ; )


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