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Monday, August 1, 2011

Visiting Gruene For Dinner Or Was It The Surface Of The Sun

Gruene is pronounced Green. It WAS a cute little town in the New Braunfels area about 10 yeas ago until all these fucking developers decided to build those fugly slap together in one day homes all over the damned place. I mean to tell you, it's fucking ugly and looks like a real tourist trap now.

But David wanted to go there for dinner, week before last on a Sunday to show my brother, sister in law and my niece some history of Texas. Fucking idiotic is what his idea was. Now don't get me wrong here. I'm all for showing my family what a beautiful place I live in but shit!!! Not in the middle of fucking hot  summer where it's 2000 degrees Kelvin in the shade. Give me a freaking break here!

David wanted to show my family a great time with the history of Gruene and all the cool stuff about it.  The Gristmill is where we ate. It used to be a cotton mill. You can go into the building while you are waiting to be called for dinner and see all the cool pictures of the old days when Gruene was first established.

Outside right next to the Gristmill is Gruene Hall. It's the oldest still standing and working dance hall in Texas. Many country stars have played there and still do. Check out the site links I have at the end of this blog post and check out the cool stuff. The Gruene Hall was also the place where the dance scene in Michael was filmed. You know where he was dancing with all the women in the place.

Anywho, we ended up having a somewhat good time eating hot food on a hot day and sweating like we were working out at a gym.

It could have been better if we had done what I wanted which was take them to San Marcos for dinner at Saltgrass. It's indoors and air conditioned and the windows are floor to ceiling so you can look out on the river below and watch the toobers [people in inner tubes float by]. They have the best food I have ever tasted dining out and the cheese cake is to die for. In fact there is an actual web site dedicated to finding out the recipe for it, which is top secret. So if anyone knows what I am talking about when I said Saltgrass cheesecake PLEASE, if you have the recipe or know of a friend of your friend of a niece of her sister-in-law of their grandma who has the recipe, please share it with me. It is the most sought after recipe in Texas. I hear some people will pay millions for it.

Here are the Sites for Gruene, Texas.


  1. You know, you might want to try Bon Appetit. Their magazine has a section in the beginning that duplicates recipes from well known restaurants. I wonder if they would do the Saltgrass cheesecake one... :)

  2. Wow... talk about an interesting trip. And the movie "Michael" as a claim to fame? Sheesh...

  3. Thanks Faerie, I need to go check it online.
    As for you Brandon, you are welcome to your opinion about certain movies. But I happen to like that movie even though it wasn't the greatest one made. ;p

  4. I'm with you, air conditioning and good food. Yeah baby!


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