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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinky and The Brain

The Brain
Has anyone ever seen " Pinky  and The Brain" It's a cartoon about a master mind mouse Brain, and his side kick Pinky. Brain wants to take over the world. Pinky is absent minded, more like "brainless". He always messes up Brains' plans to take over the world. Something like what I have with two little puppies in my home.

Lucy  aka Pinky
Pebbles aka The Brain
Pebbles is "The Brain" and Lucy is "Pinky". Pebbles is always sending Lucy into the media room to ask either David or me for something that Pebbles wants. The reasoning behind Pebbles sending Lucy is that Lucy is cute but Lucy has a problem. She has a fucking BB for a brain and always screws up Pebbles' plans.

We know that this is going on because I've seen Pebbles peeking around the kitchen doorway looking to see if Lucy is doing the job that Pebbles sent her to do. It's really funny to watch cause when Lucy gets sidetracked by noticing a squirrel out the window I always hear Pebbles sigh really loud.  Then there is a shit load of growling coming from the kitchen like she's bitching about never sending Lucy to ask for treats again. Hmmmmm. Foiled again huh, Brain.


  1. LOL! I watched Pinky and the Brain with my kids when they where much younger. It really has some brilliance to it. I imagine Pebbles must live as frustrating a life as the Brain. I had two cats like that once, it was hilarious. Truth is stranger than fiction. Poit!!

  2. Telepathy between hounds...good stuff...

  3. I loved that cartoon.

    Those dogs must be hilarious to watch if this of their dynamic.

  4. I have one dog that I tell in the mornings to go and get his sister (the other dog) out of bed so we can go to work. He runs into the bedroom and starts barking at her and makes her haul her ass out LOL

  5. "...are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?"

  6. I would doggysit those faces anyday. Love those schmooshy faces.

  7. Ha!

    I now have the theme song for Pinky and the Brain in my head..

  8. I adore Pinky and the Brain. One of the best cartoons ever! Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

  9. Looks good! I've always been a fan of the series!

  10. Lucy and Pebbles look to darn cute!! (use to love watching Pinky and The Brain!)


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