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Thursday, September 22, 2011

This, That And The Other

Well I went to my first aquatics exercise class on Monday and again today. I feel energized except for the back pain which is pretty mild. I do feel pretty damned good. I have one more class on Friday this week and then next week I'll be working on the bike and a few other machines and weights along with the aquatics.

Mmkay, does anyone know what a "Safe Zone" is?  No?  Well it's a safe place where kids and/or animals think is the safest place in your house. My safe zone is in the bedroom on the bed. That is where all the puppies run to when mommy  is reading with her back on the heating pad. Usually it will be just Lucy, Pebbles and me. The girls will stake out their respective prime real estate as near to mommy as they can get without knocking me off the bed or going under me to the other side of me. Lucy is a bed hog so I have to push her away a few times or I fall on the floor. Go figure, she's a Boston and I'm a human but she's a strong little shit.

Now, if David is watching sports in the media room, then Spunky comes to join us. He is fucking terrified of any sport on TV. Only thing I can figure why he is upset by sports is that David yells at the TV and the Spunkster thinks he's in  trouble. So During a game I have an entourage that follows me around the house all day on the weekend. I just wish they would fucking answer the phone and take a letter or something useful instead of just following my ass around like I have dog food in it.

Wall oven alcove with wall plug
David was busy this past weekend, until the game came on. He took out the old oven ... finally!! It's nice when both of us are on the same wave length. He started making shelves and fixed the torn up wooden mess from the previous dog he had before we were married. Something we didn't expect but I had a hunch was when he took out the old wall oven there was an electrical wall plug there inside the empty area. Yea!!! We don't have to call an electrician to put one in. David thought the oven was plugged into the wall unit under the countertop stove. So now all we have to do is prime and paint the inside and shelves and we can put the microwave oven in there with all my bake ware on the other shelves. That will save me more room on the counter for work space.

florescent lighting with fugly cabinets

piece where the paneling covered to the ceiling above the fugly cabinets which is above the once fugly wall oven.
He also tore out the top area around the lights and put up sheet rock. I had to wait almost two fucking weeks for that but he finally got that started too. He wants this guy he knows who did a friends kitchen lighting to come in and see if we can get him to put in light cans with LED's. We both hate the lighting that is in now.

It looks like every single foot he put a screw in the sheet rock
He stopped putting in sheet rock here near the fridge and doorway into the laundry room
I was checking out his work on the sheet rock installation and noticed he went a bit overboard with the screws. It's almost like he had this fucking psycho thing going on. Probably to hide the ugly boards behind it. I think I should invest in sheet rock screws. I could make some crazy shopping money.

UT (University of Texas GO LONGHORNS at Austin) for you non-college football fans has a by week this Saturday. Meaning they have a weekend off. So that means David can work on my kitchen and The Spunkinator will not have to hide behind mommy's legs all afternoon.
Saltgrass patio near the water shoot, Plate glass floor to ceiling windows on high far left of picture make it hard to see in.
Photo courtesy of Cclip

Sunday we are going to San Marcos for dinner. My choice. Yeppers, I made another trip around the sun. It's Saltgrass for us. I love that steakhouse. Right on the river with a little watershoot coming off the lake to feed it. It's a very pretty enough place to have dinner.

Oh one last thing before I go and get things ready for Mabon.  I was the third winner in Judith's giveaway and I chose one of her decoupaged plates. It's going to look gorgeous on my alter. You do great work girlfriend. You should open up an Etsy shop.


  1. OK, I was ready to hate you for a minute because I saw the Saltgrass patio and thought it was your own personal patio, but we're back to good now. Can you spread some gettin'-shit-done vibes my way?? I am unmotivated in a big way :-( Blessed Mabon!

  2. That plate is gorgeous and I want one. She definitely needs at Etsy store.

  3. I'm terrified to move our stove. I'm convinced something lives behind it.

    Love the plate! Blessed Mabon!

  4. Gorgeous plate. The house? Not so much. But it looks like you're fixing it. :D

  5. I used to do water aerobics and I loved it! I was much thinner and was usually the youngest person in the class with a bunch of feisty octogenarians.

    As for "the safety zone", mine too is my bed. I call my bedroom "the cave". I visit it during the day a lot in the Winter.


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