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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knee Pain - Is There Any Relief Other Than A Gun

Mmkay, I am seriously thinking hard about weather or not I should get my left knee done. I'm not kidding here I'm scared that I made the wrong choice in starting the knee replacement with my right knee. This is eating me up and I have until Tuesday next week to decide what to do. So I am asking for help.

If anyone has had a knee replacement for arthritic knees and is over weight. Please let me know how you are doing. I want to know if you are having pain and when it hits you. From the tiniest ache to throbbing "get me a freaking gun so I can shoot myself " type pain.  

I am so serious here and I would really appreciate anyone who will help me make this decision. I am still in a great deal of pain even after doing my exercises and riding my exercise bike. I have trouble standing because of the pain and stiffness, so it is hard to make dinner much less do laundry and cleaning the house but I get it done. My nights are really bad because the pain is constant. I am in my sixth week of recouping from the surgery which was on the 24th of October.

So if anyone would like to help me please do. If you don't want to put it in the comments on this post then email me.
Thank You so very much my friends.


  1. I don't have any advice, I'm sorry, though my Pop-pop had both of his done in his 80's and gets around a lot better now and has a lot less pain. Sending you lots of soothing energy and strength, Evil Overlord! :-)

  2. Do you think the pain in one knee feels so bad because it's better in the first knee? Or is the first knee also still bad?

    Sorry you're hurting so much...

  3. Firstly I just want to remind you that your knee is still healing; it may feel much better in the future :) As for me... I've been dealing with some moderate pain for several years now but lately it has gotten worse... it actually wakes me up at night. A few years ago I finally got an MRI; the diagnosis at that time was "Significant Chronic Damage", whatever the hell that means. I never could manage to fit in an appointment for a follow up visit to find out and eventually, through frustration of not being able to get in for one reason or another, I gave up and said I wasn't ready for any type of surgery anyways at that point. Lately I've been thinking about trying again though. I have no idea if it's arthritis or the cold season making it flare up or if I have torn bits... most my pain is along the inner portion of my left knee with some pain on the upper knee, and now my right knee is beginning to act up too. Arg! I know you are suppose to ice it, but I find that heat feels better to me. I have no medication to help the pain other than over the counter stuff so I have just been dealing with it. I have trouble squatting down now, and I can no longer kneel on that knee from the pain... so something has got to be done :( Anyway, maybe give your new knee more time to heal before getting the other one done... give yourself more evaluation time and then go from there?

  4. Thanks Lydia
    Judy, both knees are bad, it's arthritis. The right one hurts the most because it is still healing.

  5. Keltikmystique, nice name, you are right.It's from the healing going on. Your diagnosis is the same as mine. It means arthritis and the knee is hitting bone on bone and it's tearing tissues all to hell inside. That is what is causing the pain in the inner area of your knee. I have the same problem on my left knee now. If there wasn't so darned much discomfort involved I wouldn't be asking for help. I just want to hear from someone who has had this happen. You are right about the heat though, it helps. Also Aspercreme too. I apply it to the sides and below the knee. Sometimes it's the only thing that helps cause the Hydroc 7.5 is for crap. I think I am used to that stuff even though I only take it when the pain is really bad. Right now I am waiting for a callback from my doctor to see if I can use Voltaren Gel. It's active ingredient is diclofenac sodium 1%. That stuff is pure heaven. It works fast on my pain.
    I hope you get help for your knees darlin' and thanks for your help too

  6. I'm so very sorry your still in so much pain I'm sending warm thoughts and fast healing prayers

  7. I can understand. I am very overweight and have had both knees replaced, one at a time. While my experience may not be the same as yours I can offer the following: it takes 3-6 MONTHS post surgery for the knee to become completely functional and the pain to go away. Daily physical therapy is imperative! You need to really work on range of motion exercises as these will really help. I found that a heating pad helped as well as those salonpas bandage things too. Keeping active is essential so that the joint gets, and stays, flexible. Don't despair! It does get better.


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