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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Okay, I Decided

Sorry, my minions, but I've been busy getting things in order. I went to see my doctor for my knee and we are set to do the left one on the 19th of December. Yes, yes, I know. "What a glutton for pain and punishment." Just blame it on my Catholic upbringing. BWAAaahahhaaaahahaaaa!!

MMkay. I got that evil shit out of my way.  Thank you all for your input for the surgery. I finally chose to do it when I walked into the doctor's office. I figured, WTF! I had the other one done I might as well get this one too. Besides, the insurance covers it 100% with zero out of pocket and David didn't know what to get me for Christmas this year.

The bad thing is, is this is gonna suck slimy canal water big time. I will be out of the hospital on Yule but I will still miss being able to celebrate and do my yearly rituals. It really sucks in the worst way.  I'll be confined to bed for at least two to three days. And the bad thing is that I'm still recovering with the pain from the right knee replacement. Goddess!!  I'm so into S&M!!! BWAAHAhahahahaaaaasnort! Sorry, it's the drugs talking.

Oh I also got a nice little shot in the ass really my hip this morning while in the doctor's office. I have a bursitis problem with my right hip. Ever since the weather changed to wet and cold it's been acting up so he shot me up. I feel so good now. It should be good for 100,000 miles or one year. Which ever comes first. So now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put some mileage on by walking on the treadmill.


  1. You are one STRONG lady! I see my family Doc Friday about my knee... then I'll go from there.

  2. Hi Mystique, You go girl! I hope everything works out for you. I'll be praying for you.

  3. This "two" shall pass and you will be so glad that you had them both done. By spring you will be running after your own winged monkeys pain free. Sea Witch

  4. I hope all goes well and that your recovery is quick! Enjoy a restful holiday as you recuperate!

  5. Thank you all for the fantastic well wishes. I'm really touched (in the head) by them. Thank you sooooo much. It means a lot to me.

  6. Here's another well wish, just in case you weren't quite touched enough... XD

    Seriously though, I think it's great that you're getting the other knee done. ^-^ Best wishes for a good surgery & awesome recovery. And I know you're totally creative enough to figure something out for ritual for Yule... even if it'll be done in bed. =D



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