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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again

Yepper's, that's a roger! I'm back to semi-abby-normal. First off, I need to thank all my readers for their well wishes and prayers for me. To let you all know that prayers and candle lighting really does do wonders for the person who needs the help. Thank you all so very much!!!

I went to see Dr. D. this morning for my left knee post-op. He took out the staples and put on six sterry strips. I told him about the weird clicking sounds my knee makes when I do my exercises and he said "like this?" Then proceeded to move my knee around like I was a contortionist or something. It didn't hurt but my knee made some ungodly strange clicking noises and it alarmed me. He said it was natural to hear it so not to worry. I could have slapped him for making fun of something that I considered important to me.

More great news is that I don't have to see him for four more weeks and I get to go back to the Wellness Center to continue my workouts there for both knees starting next Monday. When I told him I was a member he said that he wished he had more patients like me. Fast healer, a clicker and takes exercise seriously.

David has been working on the cabinets like a crazed mad man. He has most of the one side of the room done and will start the other side this weekend. Goddess!!! It looks so wonderful. The man is so fucking talented. He said he wants to have the top cabinets all done by February 1st. Then he starts on the bottom cabinets and drawers. He said he has a timeline that is going along just fine. By the end of March he will have the counter tops and back splash in and then start on the flooring. I know this is taking like forever but I don't give a shit cause I know it's being done right and with great care on David's part. The man is a stickler for perfection.

Well I have a house to clean and laundry to finish up on. Brightest Blessings my dears.
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