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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stranger Than Shit

Mmkay, I got my coffee.
This past week has been a strange week for me. I went back to the Wellness Center(WC) to work out in the pool for an hour. It was great getting back into the swing of things but getting into the pool was a weird feeling.

When I got into the water my knees felt like they were pockets of jello and air. Now, I know there are metal pieces in there, but DAYUM!! It felt like air. It was also hard to walk in the pool cause my knees came up so easily. Such a strange feeling. But I did get one hell of a workout that was 10 times better than being out of water.

When it was time for me to get out, I was dreading it. You know that heavy ton of bricks feeling you get? Well to keep from getting it I took one step out of the pool and paused then another step out and paused. I didn't have that feeling at all. But walking was still a pain in the ass. Thank the Goddess my cane was near by.


  1. Knowing me, if I had that strange sensation in my knee I would have accidentally drowned myself in an attempt to hoist my fat ass out of the pool and into the nearest ER.

  2. At this rate, you'll be breakdancing in no time!

    Speaking of coffee... I need to go get mine...

  3. Oooo and yikes. That must have been freaking weird to experience. Good that you're out and about moving around and getting into the pool for exercise. I hope you mend up fast and feel back to normal soon. It may take a while to get used to that weird sensation you get in the pool, though.

  4. Water workouts are the best aren't they?

    You've been tagged come join the fun!


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