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Monday, July 16, 2012

Fuzzy Children Have Feelings

I don't usually post more than once on my blog unless it's something I need to share. Well it's one of those times I need to share.

This morning I got up while David was getting ready for work and I turned on my laptop to check emails and such.  Lucy saw me eating my rice cakes and wanted a piece it. I wouldn't give her any this morning because she didn't eat her dinner last night. She did eat her breakfast though. Well Pebbles wanted some of my rice cake too, so instead I gave her one of the bone shaped biscuits that I keep for them.

Naturally now all three puppies want the bones too so I gave everyone a bone except Lucy. So while I'm giving bones to Pebbles and Spunky, Lucy is begging me for one and I told her to ask her daddy if it's okay. So she goes to David and turns on the water works in her eyes and does the little shakes like she's starving to death and all.

Closeup Of Pebbles

Then while all this begging from Lucy is going on, Pebbles does something awesome. She took a biscuit from me, walked away and laid it on the floor near the treadmill so Lucy could have a biscuit. I swear to the Goddess it was the sweetest thing I ever saw. Lucy walked over and ate the biscuit and then came over to me with pleading eyes like "may I have another, mommy?"

So I caved and gave her a few more biscuits and a great big hug. She might eat her dinner tonight but it's doubtful. I also gave Pebbles a hug and a kiss too.  What can I do, I have such sweet children in fuzzy suits who share.

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  1. awwwww i love when fur babies are protective and care for each other, we have a large male yellow tabby who protects my daughters toy chihuahua from our feisty (evil)main coon kitten.


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