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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chalk And Magnet Boards - Easy Peezy Pumpkin Squeezy

Okay, I have been hounding David for a chalkboard for the kitchen with cork board right next to it. I didn't know that Benjamin Moore makes a chalkboard paint until just now. I found the ideas on . It's so freaking cool! Go check out the ideas on this site. You can paint a whole wall, a door, or just a small area and then frame it.

Word to the wise: Those so called magnetic paints that are out on the market are a waste of time and money. They don't work worth a damn no matter how many layers you paint on that wall. 

**A great idea would be to buy a piece of galvanized panning from Home Depote. Cut it to the size you want and frame it with a flat picture frame. You can even paint it with the chalkboard paint and have a magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen or the kid's room.

**Or go to Walmart if you dare, and get a roll of magnetic vinyl. Cut it to size for what you want and then paint it with the chalkboard paint. I put like 4 coats on mine. It fits the door of my refrigerator just right. Cool place for grocery notes and such.

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