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Monday, June 10, 2013

Just To Catch You Up On My Weekend Shit

UGH!! I feel totally drained. The thing is, I didn't do shit this whole weekend except laundry and cook. That's all. The house was clean so there was nothing else to do but bother my friends on Facebook.

So David put in a new AC unit in the Media room on Friday. Our next door neighbor asked why we didn't get central air and heating. David said we pay on average $110 for electric monthly and $30 gas. We only used our heater two days and nights this past winter so our monthly gas bill was like $60 because we have no pilot lights except for the main heater and the water heater is point of use. Neighbor said his bill was more like $450 for electric and $300 for gas. OUCH!!!

On Saturday David took Gator Bait aka Pebbles our littlest puppy to the vet for shots and her annual checkup. She did fine except I had to take the roller tape to David's t-shirt when he got back. Pebbles had lost a pound and I know it was all the hair on David's shirt. Poor little girl hates being poked and prodded. I don't blame her.

On Sunday I finally got David to watch Kelly's Heroes. I taped it on the DVR about three weeks ago. So he finally gave in and watched it. We also got caught up on Continuum and Defiance. He is now such a Syfy nut. Ever since I turned him on to Eureka, Being Human and Falling Skies, he has been watching all my favorites with me. We talk about the shows too. It's nice to have someone who shares a common interest.

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  1. This is why you need to live closer.. you could have come over and cleaned up my house.. I promise, you wouldn't have been bored ;)


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