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Computer Error

Monday, August 12, 2013

I Hate Mondays And Other Crap

I really do hate Mondays. I guess if I didn't have to take care of so many errands on Monday morning then it wouldn't be such a bad day. But early this morning I had three errands to run plus other shit to do for myself and the Beast.
So I grabbed up my list of shit to do and headed out with what was left of my groggy brain and coffee. That's so special isn't it? Yeah, I conquered the Pharmacist with a drop off, drive through at the bank, and our family doctor's office to pay a bill in 20 minutes. YES, 20 MINUTES! Yeah, I know, I'm good.

Well I had help. I live in a small town of 40 thousand people and nothing gets crowded around here except HEB check out lines during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Sunday mornings when it's football season. Shit! You can go to any GYM and workout and not have to wait for a machine or treadmill.

I also have to say I'm sorry for not posting last week. Yes, I missed a few days. But I have a good excuse. I was in a whole lot of pain with my back and a computer virus ate David's computer.
Yes, David apparently caught a terrible virus from a site he goes to. Bad thing is, he has no idea which site it was because the virus hit his computer when he tried to log on in the morning on the next day, which was Saturday. I tried to find a fix-it for him from my computer but he kept giving me grief about how it was the wrong virus I was looking up, and kept bitching that it was a countdown type virus, and he was making me mad. I almost killed him at one point but I had no access to a heavy blunt instrument at the time. Thoughts of : How Would Dexter Do This? ran through my head. So I told him to call Norton Solutions. They have a number to call if you need help. DUH?
I was really pissed because I talk to myself about ways to dispose of a body by that time and went to the bedroom to cool off and read for a while. Well he got the phone number I told him to call and a computer guru via my computer. That led to commandeering my computer to get a Boot Disc burned off from it. He's so lucky to be alive today. 

Well this shit took about 6 hours to get things back to normal. The computer guru did it all from his office on the West Coast. It's creepy to watch the mouse curser move without anyone in front of the computer. Really creepy indeed! 

I have to say - Thank you, dear, sweet computer guru. I was going to kill David but I changed my mind. You saved his life and my poor back if I had to lug his big ass through the West Texas desert to the shallow grave I would have had to dig for him. Thank you ever so much.

Sunday things were back to normal except I ran out of pain killers. Yes, I miss judged the amount I would need for Saturday and Sunday. So I had to endure a really painful Sunday evening into Monday morning. 
You can bet I ransacked those bitches when I got them refilled this morning after I got home. I'm feeling fairly well now. At least my back stopped hurting and my sanity has returned.


  1. Yeah, when someone remote accesses your computer, it looks like the damn thing's possessed!

  2. What would Dexter do, indeed? First, go and buy a large industrial roll of plastic.

  3. Plastic re Dexter, and a butcher apron and wellies. Computer viruses ? Damn, yuck and yuck again. I would rather deal with Dexter. Really.

  4. You're lucky your sanity returned. Mine left about 25 years ago and the bitch still hasn't come back.


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