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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Life Is In The Shit Hamper

I'm all drugged up and no place to go. No, really! I want to get so much done today. It's the New Moon and my energy has kicked in, besides the meds. I feel weird, but energized. I just wish my meds would work better and take away all the pain. But alas, this is not a perfect world.

I will be going to get my first pain relieving injection next week Friday. I'll be getting a set of three injections at two week intervals. I sure hope to hell this fucker works because the pain is starting to put me into a depression.

Yesterday after we saw my back doctor and got the bad news, my whole afternoon was fucked beyond all recognition. David loves Olive Garden so we went there for an early dinner. He had a great time while everything was going down the crapper for me. But I picked myself up on the way home because I knew it's not his fault so why bring him down.

Anywho, I have enough pain killers to keep me from killing something, anything, David. So I'll be fine. But David is another story. He'll be aloud to live for now. He's on the reserved list until he fucks up and pisses me off.


  1. Would anti-inflammatories help as well? Or are they included with the pain medication?

  2. Sorry no. My problem is pinched nerves darlin. When pain doc injects me with whatever the hell it is, it will pretty much stop the pain, so I'm hoping. He will explain when I see him next Friday. Right now I'm just guessing.
    Anti-inflammatories would work for muscle pain. I'm just hoping this works.

  3. You poor thing! For three weeks after i gave birth i cried every daybecause of back pain. Contractions for 12 hours did n't hurt that much and the pain from the c section was n't that bad either. I could n't put my own panties on, and while Petros was dressing me i could n't raise my right leg from the floor enough for him to put the clean underwear through the leg. I still walk with a limb and i am waiting to heal properly so i can get an adjustment. I totally reccomend a chiropractor and acupuncture along with your conventional therapy. Some kind of chiropractor saved me in the past from horrible back pain that conventional doctors told me i would have to live with for the rest of my life.
    I hope you feel better soon!Healing thoughts and wishes..

  4. The injection series, y, saved my day and restored me to my life. They make you feel wonderful, like you can. Lift a car. Don't try. Use the energy and lack of inflammation to apply yourself to the ridiculous number of repetitions the PhysicalTherapy people think you can do.

    The thousands and thousands of teeny tiny half, leg ups odd crunches and big giant ball butt-downs and every other minute excercise "flex this back muscle while you lie here". " now doit seventy five times"!
    If you get strong, you stop hurting. I didn't have to get thin, just stronger for five months.

  5. Medical shit sucks a big fat bag of dicks. I'm sorry you are going through this and constant pain or medical issue (asthma etc.) is almost always an accelerant for depression for me.

    Hugs girly.


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