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Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Notes

OMG!!! I think I gained a whole 2 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday. Really! I weighed myself this morning and I couldn't believe it. Only 2 lbs. David and I hate turkey, stuffing, and yams. So I made a pot roast with carrots and potatoes and then I baked 2 rolls of cookies.

Thanksgiving is great for family gatherings and all, but we don't do the overstuffing of food until you can't move without pain.

Well, I've decided to keep the 5000th Comment Contest going until the 31st of December. Yes I know y'all would rather have the giveaway now before Christmas but I'm only up to 2547 comments. It's not my fault. I try to blog every day. I get close to 25 visitors a blog entry. I'm guessing I need to change something. If you want me to change blog content, then PLEASE, let me know what you want to see or have me write about; otherwise things remain the same.  Remember, porn is NOT an option.
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