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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hypoglycemic Attack

Yeah, I'm stupid. I really need to be more careful. I had a close call Monday afternoon after David went back to work from lunch. He comes home every day for lunch and to check on me. Well he had gone back to work and I wasn't feeling well after I finished my blog entry for the day. I was all woozy as shit. I couldn't figure out why until I got the shakes. Then I knew. I hadn't eaten all day. I had a cup of coffee and that was all. I was suffering from a Hypoglycemia attack.

I locked the house up and went to lie down with the heating pad in the bedroom and I suddenly couldn't walk. So I fell onto the bed and grabbed the phone. I didn't want to call David just yet. I was hoping the feeling would go away but it wasn't. I was shaking like a leaf and I couldn't get to the kitchen. So I ended up calling him.

He was able to bypass the heavy traffic and get home in 5 minutes. I had told him over the phone in a meek voice to take a slice of bread and put peanut butter on it and sprinkle it with a little sugar and bring me a juice from the fridge. He came running to the bedroom with the goodies and I was feeling better almost instantly.

I felt so bad for him having to come home on account of my stupidity. I should know better than to go without my morning drink and peanut butter toast, and then to top it off by not eating at lunch. Big no no.  I won't be making that same mistake again. It was way too scary for me.


  1. NOOOOOO!!!! DON'T do that again!! Jimmy is hypoglycemic and even in the truck he has to make sure he has peanut butter crackers. Gosh, I'm glad you are better, I'd miss you if you weren't here!!! <3

  2. I almost did the same thing yesterday. Having a Rockstar for breakfast and skipping lunch wasn't my best idea.

    I wonder if stupidity helps trigger it almost as well as an empty stomach does??

  3. Do you keep snacks in your nightstand?

    Glad to hear you are OK!


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