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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Blog

I have been going over stuff in my head the past few days (no I didn't get a migraine from it) about starting a new blog. I will be starting this blog on January 1st. This new blog will not have light happy shit. No, something darker and not for everyone. Meaning that you will have to email me for access to my Black Ledger.

This will be my deepest, dark thoughts, yes, things so black that I get nightmares or could be locked up for just thinking of them. The things that would make you say that woman is seriously under medicated. The kind of shit that I would be locked up for, not in prison mind you, but in a nice grey padded cell with my own stylish white jacket that ties in the back.

I'm not short on my meds. I take them everyday. I'm just getting tired of the bullshit that I have to fork out to family and close friends. This will have my secret rants on family issues, stupid things I run across during my day. Stuff I can't put in my fun blog. I will not be posting anything about other bloggers. Y'all are my best friends. This is my form of therapy. It is for my own purpose. To keep me sane now and then when I need to get the hate out before it eats me alive.


  1. There was so much talk of "black" and "dark" in this post, I got worried you were turning racist (kidding, of course).
    Family shit is enough to make you start a new blog. That's a new saying I've gleaned from this post. Especially around holidays does this type of crap come up. It's times like this that I value the other 364 days of the year where I get to deny I have a sister.

  2. Oooooo, secret rants! All your relatives will be searching for your new blog now!

  3. I think about this all the time. Go for it, even if you are the only one it helps (sign me up!). Also, you might be surprised at how 'dark' anyone's thoughts could be... vent, Sweetie! Just don't tell your momma (or husband) the name of your blog. ;)

  4. I'll email you later so I can get access to the juicy ranty stuff (hopefully). But I hope you keep up this blog too. I love all your funny posts here.

  5. Count me in! You may inspire me to copy you.

  6. I'm in! Sounds like a wonderful outlet we all could use!


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