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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Boy And His Toys

Spunky is a real problem child in the dog world. He's blind and Lucy steals his toys from him. So he wanders the house aimlessly looking for a lost ball or odd toy that he was playing with and lost. Well I noticed the toy box was a bit sparse of toys, and I took it upon myself to find where Lucy had been stashing them.
They were all under David's leather recliner. Sneaky girl. So I moved the chair and retrieved them while the puppies were outside, and threw the toys all back into the toy box. Spunky somehow knew something was different when he came back into the house. It was like Christmas for him. All his favorite toys were back. This is how David and I found him this morning. He was sleeping in front of the toy box, protecting it. Sorry for the bad picture but he was waking up and I needed to take it fast.


let 'er rip

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