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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day

David and I have been busy this past week. He took a 4 day weekend off. It was a very nice 4 days seeing him at home all day. I was still able to accomplish house chores and he helped me a little. So this weekend wasn't all that bad.

Friday he planted the morning glory seeds that I had soaked overnight. I wish I had a camera right now to show y'all some pictures of the seedlings, but the battery went kablooey when I recharged it. Really pissed me off too. I should be getting the replacement battery this week.  My phone camera has been wacko since I dropped it in a water puddle while getting out of the car 3 weeks ago. It only works when it feels like working. So no pictures for now.

Anywho, David and I emptied the compost pile out this weekend and got the veggie garden up and running. I have 2 tomato, 2 cucumber, 6 greenbean, and a butt load of peas planted. As soon as I get the battery for my camera, I'll be taking pictures of everything. So you have been formally warned. Pictures are coming soon.


  1. It is planting season, how nice is that!!!
    The nice lady that comes and helps us with the house( and by helps i mean does not let dissintegrate into an evergrowing pile of garbage) gets amazed every week by the condition of our balconies. She leaves them clean and then she finds mud and compost everywhere as well as pots on top of each other! Spring is so fun!

  2. Oh oh. Cameras and puddles are never good news together.


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