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Monday, December 1, 2014

Another Mindless Monday!

A cold front, well I wouldn't say "cold" more of a front came through an hour ago. Lots of wind and the temperature did drop from 65 to 51. I started feeling this little bastard  coming our way on Saturday night. So much pain! My whole body was reeling from it up until now. I'm feeling a little better that it has come and gone.
Me and David
Okay, I have to say this. David gave me my Yule present early this year. On Friday I got a package in the mail from him. He brought it to me and told me to open it. Inside was a newly refurbished HP laptop. I broke down and cried. David gave me something I needed badly because Little Hal (my hp mini laptop) was slowly biting the dust. I dropped the poor little guy about 10 times and I think the 11th time he said, "enough woman! You're fucking killing me!"
New laptop

So David got me this laptop in case my other one died. I love it because it's not completely new. I won't feel like this is a big money investment that gets replaced after a few years. In fact I think it's a much better deal to buy refurbished PC's than new. Much better money wise and less landfill rubbish too. I will be spending my days transferring data from Little Hal to this laptop. I have so much music and a few ebooks I want to transfer. I also have to set up my camera program so I can download pictures from it. So much to do.

You might be wondering what was she doing all weekend. Well I was flat on my back on my heating pad because of the impending front coming through today. I will be going back to it in a bit. I just wanted to get this out to let you all know what's going on. So until tomorrow, Ciao.


  1. that was very nice and thoughtful of david! the cold front is happening here as well. we have sleet right now.

  2. What a wonderful Yule gift! It's like a gift from David to all of us too because it will make blogging easier for you to do!

  3. YAY and congrats on the new toy! Feel betters soon, I miss you!

  4. Just today I was saying to my husband that I think my laptop is on its way out. bah

  5. Awww Davids sooo awesome!!! 3 of 4 of my laptops have been refurbished or used and upgraded. My current HP was a super good price (cheaper then my previous referb). I love the tinkering with all the settings portion of getting a new computer, backgrounds-icons-broswer colors-and whatnot. Have fun!!!!

  6. I love calling it a "Yule present". I have a computer that's so old the operating system is no longer supported. Even with your new/refurbished computer, you should get an external hard drive. They're cheap and it will save you a lot of frustration.
    Hopefully your heating pad is helping you.


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