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Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm Back

Spunky wrapped in his favorite camo blanket after we got back home.
We WERE going to go on a driving vacation to the coast of Texas with the puppies but, shit happened. We ended up taking our oldest, Spunky, to the Emergency Vet instead. He spent the weekend with the puppy flu. It was a bit scary, but he's doing better. David and I were upset because he is our oldest fuzzy child and all we could do was stand by and hope for the best.

Poor baby was on an IV and he was scared to death, so I stayed in the back room with him to calm him down. After an hour, he was ready to go home with an antibiotic. He was so tired from all the excitement that he slept all the way home. David wrapped him in his favorite camo blanket and we let him go back to sleep. He's still a bit slow today, but at least he's eating and drinking.

Other than all that tiring excitement, David finally raked all the dead twigs from the last rain storm we had 2 weeks ago. He noticed the grass was dead in some areas and he was wondering why. It's because he sprayed the crabgrass with a commercial spray and it killed the good grass too. Yes! All that grass that he had lovingly bought from his favorite toy store (Home Desperate) and placed on newly tilled dirt with his sweat and blood.

Now he's kicking himself for taking the easy route by spraying the lawn with that crap. He's going to have to dig up all the dead stuff and reset the dirt with new healthy dirt  before he puts down new carpet grass. Live and learn by your mistakes dude.

David also took the old mattress to the recycle station while he was home. He stopped by Home Desperate and bought and installed a drip irrigation system for the tomato plants in the garden.
 He ran an extra line off of the main outdoor water faucet and connected this setup to it. Then the irrigation line runs from that through the tomato garden.
 Smaller lines are connected from the main line and they have drip ends to them. You just set the amount of water that you want to drip and leave it. No more hand watering of the plants and we are hoping for no split tomatoes this year.
The tomato garden has 4 plants in it that we raised indoors this cold spring under the plant light. They are so fucking healthy. We have 23 tomatoes on them so far. We have the fence up on the sides to keep the cats out. What is really great about this drip system is that it barely makes a dent in our water bill.


  1. Too bad about your trip, but I hope Spunky is back in the pink soon! Nice drip system. I foresee lots of marinara sauce in your future! Or salsa. Or both.

  2. Nothing leaves a pet owner feeling more hopeless than when they are sick and there is nothing you can do but love on them. I am glad to here Spunky is doing better. Keep us posted.

  3. I grew some great tomatoes in Kentucky by taking a large plastic soda bottle and punching small holes in the bottom with a nail then burying the bottle by the roots of each plant with the top above ground. Once a day I would take the hose and fill the bottles, put the cap on and they worked as a drip irrigation.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. By the way, we know what it is like when one of our furry babies get sick. They aren't pets, they are our family.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Wait, I had the flu I your dog? This whole time, I didn't realize!?! Wait, I wasn't taken to the vet or put on an IV. Phew, I thought I was just outed as someone's dog. I mean, I am a bitch, but not the literal kind. I'm impressed by your tomato garden, and mystified that your house isn't the focal point of a massive squirrel organized effort to bring down the green wire fencing.

  6. Poor doggy.One of our dogs came down with it recently. She was so exhausted!!


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