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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 4 Of My Incarceration

So far David is busy doing little things that he wanted or needed to do around the house. He made ONLY ONE trip to Home Desperate yesterday to get ONLY ONE item he needed to fix his office chair. HE ONLY BOUGHT ONE ITEM!!!  YES!! I know, right? It's weird.
If you see one of these pods - RUN  AWAY!!
I've been wondering if he's really my husband, David, or if the pods got him. He's been quiet and hasn't bothered me all week, well so far. He's at Wally World right now shopping. For what, I have no fucking idea. He just got up from watching a show from the DVR and announced he was going. It was like there was a transmitter in his head telling him he must go NOW. He did ask me if I wanted anything, not if I wanted to go with him, just that he was going and wanting to know if I wanted anything while he was there. Even weirder.
Anywho, he has stated that we are going to Olive Garden whether I like it or not. He was very insistent about it too. He said he wanted to go and that was all.

So what is going to happen next, I have no idea. He's Mr. Surprise lately.


  1. hahaha....glad you haven't killed him yet! omg..i might have to kill paul though. i tackled the garage because since i created my 'grow area' in 2009, i haven't been able to get near it because he keeps piling shit in front of it. so i finally decided i had to clean the whole damn thing out. i kept finding things he wrapped in bags and stuffed in other bags and then put them in bigger bags and stuffed them on the shelves, the floor and anywhere else he could. i felt like i was unwrapping insanity. i think he is a garage horder. i told him that now that it is cleaned, BY ME, if i find one more bag, someone will find him in a bag stuffed somewhere. jesus fucking christ!!! i am telling you all of this so you can thoroughly appreciate how well your week is going!

    1. Something is very, very wrong if he is only buying one item. My guess is he will start delirium tremors and have to go back.

  2. Hahahaha! I don't mean to laugh at your torment and anxiety, but hilarious. No one is able to go in there and only buy ONE item. That's nuts. Almost as nuts as making Olive Garden a destination restaurant rather than a place you just happen to end up at with no recollection of how you got there or what you ate.


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