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Monday, July 13, 2015

I Just Can't Stop Laughing

OH my, oh my! People in Texas have done lost their ever lovin minds this time. In 2 days time, there will be something going on here, and in a few other southwestern states, called Jade Helm 15. It's just a lil ol military exercise to give the troops something to do to pass the time. But conspiracy theorists [I'll call them CT for short to go with their short little minds] here in Texas have made it into something like Red Dawn in reversed.

YES! yes, they have. The CTs are saying that Jade Helm 15 is not just a military exercise, but that it's supposed to be an overtaking by Obama to celebrate Sharai Law. BWAAHAHAHAAAHAHAAA! sorry couldn't help it.
Anywho, CTs say innocent citizens will be rounded up by the government troops and put in abandoned Walmarts. Uh huh! You heard me. There are also tunnels connecting these abandoned Walmarts to each other! YES! yes, there are. There are numerous websites and articles written here, here and here, that are set up to warn everyone and ask them to help in monitoring these troops. Even our own beloved *snicker snort* Gov. Greg Abbott is asking the weekend warriors [Reserves]to monitor troops movements. AAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAAA! I can't help it.

So if by chance you don't hear from me after September 15th, I may have laughed so hard that I pissed myself to death. BWAAHAHAAAHahahaahahahaaaaaaa! Oh My Goddess! This it's going to be so hard to keep sane


  1. good god....really? where do these people come from? oh right, texas!

  2. Does no one in Texas have better things to do with their time? My, my, my. Keep us posted!

  3. Only in Texas.

    How do you manage to stay sane around so my stupidity?

  4. How have I never heard about this? I need to run in some nuttier circles because they sound like a good time. Can you imagine having dinner--no, having lunch with one of these CT's?


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