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Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Freakin Friday Y'all

Yes, another week has come and will be gone soon enough. I finally got and installed Windows 10 yesterday afternoon. It's not so bad, but it's still early yet. David has had W-10 for about a week now and he likes it. I'm still skeptical.

I did notice that David still has Internet Exploder on his computer. It fascinates me that he would keep something so antiquated like that on his desktop. Thank the Goddess he doesn't use it but still, WHY keep it around.

So I decided to stay up a bit late last night and copy something that I saw online a few weeks ago. I copied this picture above that I found on the internet and set it up on his desktop just as it is in the picture. When he got up this morning and turned on his computer, I heard him chuckle then he yelled at me for doing that to his computer. I thought it was funny. Really.


  1. But it is a little out of date, right? I haven't used IE in years. I don't know anyone other than older folks that still use it! I love that background change. Funny!!

  2. We have to use IE at work for credit card transactions. Something with Firefox doesnt clear and every transaction gets charged to the first card used even though its processed under each persons information. Weird.

    I used to love to change my Dads background picture when I was in high school, just the ones that come with windows cause the internet was still new ut I'd do the crazy colored geometric ones. lol good times

  3. OMG, that made me laugh SO HARD!!! Excuse me while I clean the Diet Coke off my monitor...

  4. My husband USES Explorer! Why? I have no damn idea. I had to fix his laptop a while back and downloaded Chrome and put all his favourites on it. I have no idea if he switched over or not.

  5. Hahaha! Soo funny!! It served him well.

  6. I laughed so hard I hope my next-door office neighbor (anyone walking around this building) doesn't think there's a crazy ghost using the PC. Now where's google image? Need to download this pic!

    Thanks for making my day. Ha!

  7. I have 8.1 and am satisfied with it. I understand we have one year to change to 10 - I keep asking myself what is there in 10 that I don't have in 8.1 that I need or would use? I don't know the answer. Why did you switch?
    the Ol'Buzzard


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