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Thursday, September 10, 2015

All Kinds Of Good Going On Here

Yesterday I was searching the web for my favorite petunia seeds for spring planting. I found them! SQUEEEEEE!!! Oh Yessiree!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the beloved flowers. I have been hunting these for nearly a year now. For those of you that dearly love petunias, here is the Etsy shop address:
Celebrity Ice Mix  source
This shop has the Daddy mix, the Celebrity Ice mix, the African Orange, the Orchid Cascade. etc. I'm in 7th heaven! I know some of you are going to want to see this for your own eyes. So GO!! See!! I'll wait.
Over the weekend, David and I binge watched The Strain in order to catch up to this season. Which started in July and, of course, we neglected to check until it was too late. We then binge watched Z-Nation because it's been so fucking long since it was last on that we completely forgot what happened in the last season. Z-Nation starts up again this Friday with their new season.
So after two whole days of being glued to the TV watching wormy vampires and campy zombies, we celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary with David doing yard work and me doing housework. It was a pretty quiet Monday except for the big ass present David got me. Yes, he went and did it, even after I asked him not to the night before.

David went and got me a Keurig2.0 K450. *sigh* I told him to take it back because I had a perfectly good coffee maker still in use, which he refused. But hey, who am I kidding. This big bitch does everything you could ask for except cook, clean, and sex. It also comes with a four-cup carafe so I can bring it to my desk in the TV room and surf the web all day long. *wink wink*. I have given up my old coffee maker for this cool electronic "coffee bitch". Yeah, that's what I call her.
GOW under the eave of David's tool shed.
She's about 4 inches from back legs to front legs
All round we had a splendid weekend. I am still trying to get to everyone's blogs and read up on all your news so please bear with me if I'm late doing so. I mentioned the Golden Orb Weaver spider in our backyard that is living under the eave of David's tool shed. Well, she has a sister living in the courtyard just before you walk through the gate to the carport. They both have egg sacks under the eaves now.
This is the other GOW near the carport.
About the same size. She loves to eat wasps
I was looking up some information on this spider. They live for about a year. In the late summer, end of August to the beginning of September, they mate (the male is a tiny little fucker) and set up their egg sack in a protective area. They will soon die afterwards, both of the girls are still kickin right now.
Egg sack of GOW near carport it's about an inch in radius. 
Anywho, The eggs sit there until spring when it's just right for them to hatch. You can handle them (fuck no, not me) as the venom is very minute, and the fangs are also quite small, so there is little chance of being bitten. Cool huh?


  1. sounds like a good weekend. do you have to buy all those keurig cups now? cool spider!

  2. I love seeing big spiders in forests, but when they live close to me that is another story. Are they poisonous? It looks scary!
    Are you at least free of bees by now? Insects creep me out!
    I just started watching Mr robot? I am about to put the little one to sleep and put my self in a vegetable state with 4 uninterrupted hours of tv. There are some perks in being sick!
    Lots of love!

  3. I like spiders. I especially like spiders that eat wasps!

  4. Happy Anniversary and congrats on your Coffee Bitch!

  5. Happy Anniversary! And while I am fascinated by the spider tale, my acute arachnophobia prevents me from looking too long at the creepy crawlies.


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