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Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Friday

No, really! I'm going to be more productive. At least I'll try. So far I have the second load of laundry in the washer. Yes, I know it's almost 10 a.m. but what can I say. I fell asleep. I stayed up most of the night watching the Benghazi Hearings post show. It was interesting and fun watching Gowdy wipe egg shit off his face for even leading this Witch Hunt.

So, did anyone watch the Benghazi Witch Hunt yesterday? Maybe even snippets of it now and then? No? Maybe? Well, I did. It was a true show of the GOP wasting everyone's time and money. They didn't come away from this hearing any different than the last one. There was absolutely no change from Hillary's answers to their seemingly ludicrous questions. They just kept drilling her hoping she would fuck up and say something totally different. It never happened. Not once. She held her composure 99.9% of the time while they yelled and screamed in her face. She took it all in and never once raised her voice. I did see her roll her eyes . . . once. I laughed.  It was simply a Witch Hunt in the purest form.
So now what? Will they wait another year when she's leading in the Presidential Polls in 2016? Will they wait for the next right moment to strike and think they can drag her through the mud once again with the same shit all over again? Who knows. Personally any hearings in the future on this shit should be charged to the GOP. Make them pay for all this crap instead of sticking us with the bill at the end of their meal.


  1. I am picturing angry men yelling and her quietly rolling her eyes! Haha!!!

  2. I've seen snippets on the news coverage here in Canada. Seems pretty ridiculous and, as you say, a huge waste of tax dollars.


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