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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Oh my fucking Goddess! It's already March! It's almost spring for most of you. For the rest of us, that shit has been here like forever. Personally, I think we never officially hit winter. I never had to wear a coat much less a sweater. So I can just imagine the bugs we will have this year.

Yesterday, I was visiting a fellow blogger from up north in Maine known as Ol'Buzzard. You should check him out, he's fun to read and he has a lot of great thoughts that he expresses. He posted about a program that I sometimes watch called "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" well the one he wanted to post was about Donald Trump. This thing blew up all over the web like crazy.

Twitter was absolutely on fire. More like a forest fire blaze with this program. Hashtags were flying around here and there pertaining to Trump and the show. You have to check this out. It's good. No, great! He trashes Trump so bad that if I was Trump I would be going into hiding right now. This may not be blowing over anytime soon.


  1. Yes, I want to watch this when I have 20 minutes to spare!

  2. thanks for the shout out. Trump is evolution going backwards - remember when Bill Maher was sued by Trump for saying Trump's mother was an orangutan - and Trump later pulled the suit: I rest my case.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. "I have the best words." How...Wha...You...Can we just sleep this off? The only good thing to come from Drumpf's "please love me" tour are the descriptions of him on @Midnight:


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