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Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Can See Clearly

Yesterday I had an appointment with my optometrist. He's a cool ol' guy. His office is near downtown so it's like a 3-minute drive for me. Before I left for my appointment David said that we only have $400.00 left on our Conexis card. We use it to pay doctor bills; basically, anything medical gets paid by the card. It's part of our insurance. About 3 weeks ago, David had gotten his new glasses and it cost him like $380. I was like, maybe I should just cancel the appointment and have the money for other important medical stuff. But David wouldn't let me.
Anywho, the last time I went to pay for an eye check-up and glasses was when I first got here in 2002. I needed new glasses. I paid for them out of my own money because I was working back then. They were metal frames and the fuckers cost me $600 with no VSP insurance. Well, I was a little worried since I broke my last pair(also metal frames) and I really needed to get new ones. I'm using a pair of really old glasses right now from 1998. So I went to my appointment.
Well, I think the Goddess was looking out for me because I bought new and really pretty half frames + eye exam + scratch guard coating + bifocal lenses for a total of only $72. YES!! I FUCKING KID YOU NOT!! I was so surprised when they totaled that shit up and it only came to $72 that I called David while driving home. He was very pleased, but also amazed as to how I did it because his glasses cost him $280.
I told him how I did it. First, I asked what are the frame styles that are covered 100% with VSP. The young lady showed me and I chose a pair that I liked. They're really cute too.Then I asked what can I get under my insurance nearly free of charge. She showed me and I made my choices wisely. Thus the $72. Easy as that. Just kept it real simple.


  1. i just paid almost 700 for new glasses and both lenses were scratched within 2 weeks and they want 280 to replace them. what a ripoff.

  2. OMG you deserve the Savvy Shopper of the Year Award!

  3. That is awesome. We never get glasses from the optometrist office - just the exam and buy our glasses at Walmart for half of what they gouge you for at the eye doctor's office.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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