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Monday, April 18, 2016

It's Raining Here

OY!! It's a floodin down here in Texas! So I've heard. Ain't seen it yet but I heard about it. I did ask David if he finished that ark yet. Ya know, just in case we need it. Nope, not yet, but he's workin on it. We did have a pretty bad storm this morning with a butt load of rain. It scared the puppies and they ended up in bed with me. After it stopped I got dressed and made coffee. David said that the office lost phones, so if I needed to call him that I should call his cell but that email would work better. 
In other news My back, as usual, has been giving me fits of pain. It's the wet weather here. I can't seem to figure out what to do lately because nothing is working for the pain. I do see my pain doctor next month so maybe he might set me up for more injections that won't do anything for me. It's arthritis and there is nothing in this world that can solve this problem.
This past weekend David had to dig up my little Gardenia bushes near the front steps. They were some of the plants that died when he failed to water everything during my recovery time. I don't blame him because he was going to work,coming home and having to feed the puppies and then taking care of me and them and himself and do minor housework. He was just too tired to go outside and set up a sprinkler. So I understand. Well, the man went crazy and bought me 2 red Knockout rose bushes and 2 red Geraniums to put in the place of the Gardenias. I just love that man to pieces. He planted them this past weekend and surprised me. I really didn't think he would go out and buy flowers for me like that. 
Last week Friday I finally got the call for my glasses. It was only 7 days wait time. Better than I expected. I went this morning to get them. They feel weird because they're not full frames, they are frameless or should I say half frames so they feel lighter than my old ones.  But they are so nice. I can actually see again 


  1. that was so nice of david! i don't think we are ever getting rain again. or clouds or cool weather. it is endlessly sunny, dry and very hot here. it feels like i live in miami it is 85 here today.

  2. Awwwwwwww, so sweet! You can send some of that rain up to us. It's very dry here so far.

  3. Davids such a sweetheart!! Will you show us your glasses??

  4. Boo for rain. Yay for new flowers and huzzah that you can see again. <3

  5. Hope you are feeling better.
    Yes I have heard that Texas is flooding - be careful: remember zombies can walk under water.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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