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Monday, August 8, 2016

What A Weekend

The past five days I've been busy cleaning house and spraying. Every 6 months I thoroughly clean house from top to bottom. When you have messy animals like the puppies and my husband then it has to be done every 6 months. I do one room per day. So I have the living and dining room today and then I'm done for another six months, which will be my Spring cleaning month in February. After I clean each room I spray with a really good insect spray and that keeps the bugs and scorpions at bay. I'll  close up the living room after I spray in there and I'll be done for the day. 
Pebbles (aka Gator Bait)
Yesterday the puppies were not too happy. While I was cleaning the kitchen and pantry, David took it upon himself to give the puppies a bath. Yes, he did. One at a time he picked them up and put them on the courtyard table and gave them a good washing and then drying. They were not happy at all. Pebbles always acts like she's being drowned, coughing, hacking and spitting water. Then she gives David mean looks for the rest of the day.
Lizzy our little spider gal has been busy too. She had to rebuild her web because a bird flew through it. She was probably pissed as hell. Thank the Goddess Lizzy was up in the corner at the time wrasslin with her dinner. She's been feeding quite regularly on wasps since I moved her away from the front door. She seems happy enough. David teases her everytime he goes out the door by blowing on her. It makes her skitter up into the corner. Sometimes when she sees him she starts swinging in her web. That type of behavior is supposed to scare animals from messing with her web. It works on me. 


  1. I have cleaned up my shop except for the floor. The work bench looks ready for a handy man magazine. I am reaching the age where a former work shop could quite easily become a "show" shop....Maybe a few more messes before I quit! don't work to hard, it will get dirty again!

  2. I admire that kind of cleaning. I am more a spit and shine kind of girl most of the time. My house always looks spotless but in reality not so much. I am nearly ashamed to admit that I hire a service twice a year that comes in and does a "whole house" spring and fall cleaning.

  3. You have SCORPIONS in your house? Fuck! I would move. To Canada.


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