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Friday, September 16, 2016

OMG! I Made It To Friday Without Killing Anyone

In case you didn't see yesterday's post it was a Canadian meme. I'm bringing back "Canada Eh?" posts again. I don't know why I stopped because I have so many yet to post. Also, I'm starting my Religious posts as "Religion in a Nutshell." These posts will touch on all religions, not just the wacko Christians. If you are offended, well I'm sorry. I like to post what I believe and sometimes it might hurt. I might even lose some readers. I won't mind. I've gotten to the age where things in life are just too funny and stupid to not talk about.
On to better things. I'm feeling much better. Doing my exercises helps quite a bit. Wednesday night was the first night in a long time that I didn't need any help -drug wise- falling asleep. I haven't had to take my pain meds for two days either. This morning is the second time I woke up feeling refreshed but I'm not totally pain-free yet. My leg still aches and if I stand too much my back will start letting me know to sit for a while. I actually feel pretty damned good. But the thing is, I'm not going to push my luck. I'm not going to go crazy and dig up the garden or mow the lawn or tear the house apart and clean it. I did do two loads of laundry today and plan to do the last two loads tomorrow. What's really awesome is that I've been able to cook dinner this whole week. I haven't been able to accomplish that for almost two months now. I have learned to take breaks when I'm not feeling well. It helps so much. I find the older I get the worse off I am. Anyone know of a good body shop? I need a complete overhaul.
The puppies are wanting to stay out a little longer when the mornings are in the low 70's, which I don't mind. But yesterday, I had to go get them because they were out for a couple of hours and didn't answer my calls. Spunky has been a little shitball lately. He acts like a 17-year-old teenager. He doesn't come when called and defies me at every turn. I tested his hearing by banging two pots together in the doorway of the TV room and he woke up right away. That was a bit loud so I tried just clapping my hands when he was asleep and he woke up that time too. So the little fucktard has no hearing problem yet, he's just being a pain in the ass and not listening to us.
David has started putting rocks into the "hole " on the side of the house. We found out that it was a metal tank for dispersing sewage  Yeah, well, we found out the top rotted from rust and caved in which showed the metal sides. David and I did some research work into this and found there were tanks like that in our area. A neighbor down the street had the same problem. So we are filling the hole half way with rocks and then David will be getting a pickup truck full of dirt to cover and finish the job. I don't care what he does. I still ain't going outside and walk in our yard ever again.


  1. Hi! My sister from another mother. Glad you haven't killed anyone "yet". No hurry we got til Sunday at midnight to find someone deserving. Good to hear you got the gateway to hell partially filled in with rocks! Before you fill it in the rest of the way make sure you aren't going to have any bodies to dispose of. It would be a waste of a good hole! enjoy your weekend. Prescription narcotics is proof the Universe loves us! amen......

  2. i quit giving a shit about offending people a LOOONG time ago! i actually rather enjoy it. go for it woman!

  3. I enjoyed that trash-talking comment you left on my blog today! Clearly you're back in top form!

  4. The beauty of aging is that we don't have to suffer fools gladly. Good to hear you are feeling better. It is time to call out religion: it is well past its sell by date.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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