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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah

Insomnia is kicking my ass again, but not because I can't sleep. Oh. I can sleep, in fact, I could just stop typing right now and go hit the bed right now and I'd be asleep in seconds. It's the pain that is keeping me awake. There is another cold front on its way and I started feeling it yesterday. My problem? I ran out of meds and I have to wait for my pain doctor to fax the pharmacy. He won't get to the drug orders until the end of the day. 
Then I found out Lucy, my nurse, belongs to a union. That means she's entitled to 4 "power naps" per day They don't say how long the naps should be and I'm not allowed to wake her. So She is also entitled to 2 meals and one snack. Oh, one more thing, I can't fire her for not doing her job. It sounds like I'm a POW and she has rights through the Geneva Convention. David says I hired her. I'm screwed.

I've decided to take a sleeping pill and go crash. I'm still waiting for the orders for the injections. If I wake up this afternoon I'll call his office to find out when we will get this shit done. I'm so tired of being tired. If you can't make any sense of what is here on my blog today, then I'm so sorry. I used the crap out of my Grammarly. I think it ran screaming out of the house a minute ago.


  1. I hope those pain meds come through quickly!

  2. I don't know... Lucy looks like a pretty good nurse. I bet she'll seem more competent when the meds come in.

  3. Will your pharmacy give you a couple of pills for an emergency supply? I hope by the time you read this you are medicated and free of pain. xo

  4. How did Lucy unionize!?! I'm envying a dog, in more ways than their strong nap union. I do hope your pain subsides or you get the medical help you need.

  5. I hope you get lots of sleep and absolute relief!! Many hugs!!


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