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Monday, November 28, 2016

21st Century

HEY! David and I have moved. YES! Yes, we have. Up to the 21st century. He started the move a couple of weeks ago without my knowledge by getting an LG smart phone. He traded his Nokia flip phone in for a smarty. I had to sign for it when it came in the mail on Wednesday and took him almost a week to figure it out. He finally got the wifi linked up on Sunday. By the following Thursday which was Thanksgiving, he sent his first text message to his daughter who couldn't understand why he was able to text so fast. When she came to visit later she saw the phone. She was very pleased and impressed.

He then went to Wallyworld to get me one too. He said it would be better than my Nokia. I didn't want the smart phone and I didn't care if it only cost $25. I like my flip phone just the way it is. Yes, I was being dragged into the 21st century by my husband/sexy beast. He got it all set up except for the email which is my Google account. So I put in my password and he was amazed at all the shit that got transferred to my smart phone. Let's just say I know a big butt load of people. Anywho, I now have a smarty too. *sigh, I want my Nokia back, sigh*

Okay, that's not all. The washer died on Thursday. It was leaking all over the place in the washroom/pantry. I figured it was like 20 years old and ready to kick the bucket soon enough. So, David figured on going to Sears for a new washer. He left early on Saturday and brought home a new Kenmore HE washer. 

That fucker, not my husband, had more bells and unnecessary whistles on it to kill a horse. I had to read the damned destructions to figure that you don't leave the lid opened or it will cancel the wash. Cancel the wash? Where's the reboot buttons on this thang. You know Control/Alt/Delete. No, there is a start/pause/ cancel button at the bottom right of the controls. It has a sensor to tell how high to fill the washer so it saves water. It took me all of 8 minutes to figure out how to override the sensor. David wants to buy a new refrigerator too. That LG with the touch panel that shows you what's inside without opening the door. Yeah, that one. I caught him looking really hard at a Dyson commercial this morning too. Yeah, ahahaaahaaahahaahahaaa NO! 

Anywho we are officially in the future, or is that the now. Fuck it, I want my Nokia flip phone back. *sigh*


  1. You will enjoy it a lot!! You will enjoy your Internet at all times and places! Soon you might want to upgrade!!! Welcome to the future! I came here reluctantly too! And I still have no fb!! Many hugs and kisses!

  2. Welcome to the future! I love all my smart gadgets and will be happy to help If you need anything <3

  3. I can't do anything with my smart phone except make calls with it, my fingers don't work well enough on that little screen. When it takes a shit I'm getting a cheap flip phone.

  4. I've got a little burner flip phone just like the drug dealers. You're jealous now, aren't you?

    1. Fuck you woman!!
      Yes. Yes I am a little jealous.

  5. Hold on, I get the lamentation of moving from flip-to-smart phone, but you're surprised leaving the lid open on a washing machine might result in the cycle being paused, or just generally being a bad idea?

  6. Actually I hate this washer because when I do leave the washer lid open for 10 minutes by accident the washer will stop and cancel the wash instructions, like for towels it would be "heavy duty cycle." Then the fucker bails on me by emptying the water out of the washer and then going home for the day.
    In reality that's basically what it does unless I take something out of the washer and put it back in in order to "trick" the sensor, then the bitch will refill once I put the lid down and push the start button to get it to start the load of wash. You have to out think it.

  7. I have a flip phone and I turn it on when I need to make a call - mayhaps once a month.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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