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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Complete Shock

Today is a continuing nightmare. I am so worried about what will happen to my friends and readers here in the U.S. that are LGBT, Muslim, and Latino. What will happen? I have been on the phone with so many friends that are scared. Scared that their marriages are going to be dissolved, scared they will be deported because they are Muslim. Some say they are going into hiding until things calm down and see what King Cheeto is going to do. Some are ranting and raving that the Alt-Right and Religious Right will take over our lives. Everyone is running around like Chicken Little, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"
Personally, I am in shock. I have been in shock since I heard he won and the global markets were crashing. I've been reading world news articles since yesterday. I believe we finally found out that there are more bigoted, hate-spewing, zealots in the U.S. than we thought there were. I not only fear for America, I fear for the whole world. I really want to go lie down for a while and think. Not talk to anyone for at least the rest of the day. I can not adult, not today, not for a while.


  1. I've been surprisingly calm. I don't know how. Breathing, just breathing.

    I'm worried, but I'm taking it as it comes.

    It's probably good that we have these 2+ months to get used to the idea that it's happened.

    1. Sweetie, I thought of you too yesterday. I'm white so I don't worry about me but I have a conscience. I worry about what will happen to all my readers and friends. This is crazy. It should have never happened.

  2. i am sick. this has kicked my PTSD into high gear. i just can't believe this has happened.


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