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Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's Back

I am putting this back up on my blog. Why? You ask? Well, it's like this. This fucktard needs a good punch and since I can't do it physically I still have my imagination, and my imagination is amazingly as close as I can get to watching the real thing happen. 


  1. But, but... He's going to make America great again. We're going to win so much that you're going to get sick of winning.

  2. Mr. Trump has been elected our President and I am going to show him and the Office of the Presidency the respect they deserve. The time for name calling has passed.

    1. I'm sorry, well, maybe NOT! I don't like Trump. I never did. He's a waste of carbon and other elements that take up his space. I knew he was rotten from the moment he ruined so many businesses in the past. When he and his father denied black citizens the right to rent and live in his apartments.

      I will give him only 100 days from the time he has been president elect. I am counting down and we will see just how he makes America great again. As for respect, he will have to earn it. I don't give it freely like others do.

  3. bullshit mohaverat! he needs to earn OUR respect after the shame he has brought to this office. we owe him nothing.

  4. Wish I could do that to all of his knuckle-dragging, mouthbreathing, ignorant followers

  5. Stuff will happen, interesting stuff.

  6. This GIF is so therapeutic. Thank you. Uh, I mean, Mein President Trump, if you're reading this, I condemn any depictions or insinuations of actions against you. I'll do my twelve Hail Trumps to absolve myself of the sin of daring to question thee.


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