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Monday, February 13, 2017


We have a cold front coming into our area early Wednesday morning. HAHAAHAHAHAAAA! It's only going to bring the temperatures into the 60's. Oh My! Break out the parkas and mukluks. I mean come on! If it's going to be a cold front then make it a real fucking cold front. Not this little weenie bitch of cool air. But yes, I'm feeling that BITCH heading our way. Anytime the barometer changes my hands, wrists, and back hurt. Arthritis is kicking my butt right now and I can't make it stop. Pisses me off to no end. I've taken my Tylenol, let my hands sit in hot water, which did work for an hour but then the pain came back. I'm wearing my Copper Compression gloves and I was wearing wool gloves but I had to take them off to type. Well enough of that shit.

Did anyone see the Jake Tapper, Kellyanne Conway SNL Fatal Attraction skit? But people aren't laughing at it. I thought it was so funny, especially the ending. Saturday Night Live has gotten quite controversial with their skits but if trump and his staff can't take the heat, then too bad.
The Walking Dead started their second part of Season 7 last night. It was pretty good. Nobody died and the Ricktatorship is back. It's just the problem of getting everyone behind him and his bunch to fight the Saviors. Funny analogy, the Saviors could be like trump and the Republicans wanting everything from everyone and using force to get it. While Rick's people, the Hilltop, The Well, and now this new bunch of people that Rick's group came across at the end of last night's episode are the Progressive Democrats. 

Hey y'all, my pain is getting worse, so I'm going to soak my hands again and then get the heating pad and wool gloves for awhile. 


  1. i'd sell my soul for a good cold front! we have hot weather headed our way and will be in the upper 60's for a week at least. where's my goddamn winter?

  2. Please take care of yourself!! Not fun having arthritis!


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