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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Hey y'all, I hope your holiday weekend was great. I did a few things over the weekend. Davis finally finished my list of things to do, thank gawd. We had a bodacious thunderstorm yesterday. We were in the middle of the low that was moving in a circular motion above us. It was weird. The puppies all hid next to me like baby chicks to a mother hen. Today it's very pretty and cool outside. I have the windows all open so the fresh air can blow through.

I planted a pineapple top in the half barrel near the courtyard gate. It won't flower and have any fruit for about 2 to 3 years but I'm doing it anyways. This climate is perfect for the sun and humidity it needs. I've planted my flowering seedlings that I had growing in the laundry room over the winter. I'm hoping the squirrels will not dig up my plants this year. My tomatoes plants were dug up by the nasty varmints early this spring. I'm pissed at David because he didn't build my greenhouse yet. I also lost my mango plant to them this past fall. They are so destructive, but they are too smart to catch. Live traps don't work because they are too fast. I've been trying to catch them since I moved here. Nothing seems to work. But I'll keep trying.

Well, I said I would let y'all know how the melatonin + L-theanine worked out. It seems to be so much better than when I was taking the sleeping pills. I felt all hung over in the morning from taking sleeping pills and it would take forever at night for me to get to sleep and sometimes they wouldn't even work. When I take the melatonin combo I fall asleep in about a half hour or less. I don't wake up until 6 am, and I don't fall back to sleep after waking up. I feel like I got a great sleep. I won't be taking this every night. Only when I need it.

Y'all have a great day. I have puppies to take to the dog park. Ciao y'all.


  1. I've used melatonin occasionally on holidays when dealing with different time zones. Glad it's helping you!

  2. Yes, your body does get used to the dose. Taking as needed is best.


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