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Friday, May 12, 2017

Short Note

I was gone most of the day yesterday. Wednesday night I broke a tooth and I had the dentist pull it Thursday morning. Thank goodness for walk-in appointments. After all the fun of getting stabbed with a needle full of novocaine, I spent the day in bed sleeping it off. That shit makes me drowsy. Haveing a tooth pulled is bad for an elderly person like me. It's not like it used to be when I had all my wisdom teeth pulled. I was able to do straight to work the same night at the hospital with no problems. Now I bleed like a stuck pig And the novoshit makes me want to sleep forever. I do have to say I had my Nurse Lucy and Doctor Spunky watching over me. They both slept all day on the bed with me


  1. Ugh, extractions are the WORST! Gimme a nice root canal any day. Hope you recover with all speed!

  2. Any pain in the head is so much worse than other pains. You can't separate it from the rest of you. Sleep today. And tomorrow.

  3. Oh... I hope you feel better.... Give the puppies a hug for me for being so good!!


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